Join the ERS

The Eastern Radiologic Society welcomes new members.

The ERS is an organization dedicated to fostering personal and professional relationships in Radiology. We meet annually to renew these relationships. The organization is also dedicated to providing CME for members, and also the opportunity to interact socially, primarily through golf. Further, we actively encourage the participation of spouses.

We should point out that members develop life-long friendships with each other that extend beyond the annual meeting. The ERS stands as a unique organization within Radiology, promoting friendships within the specialty.

Don’t play golf well? Don’t worry, you have a lot of company.

Don’t play golf at all? We still would value your membership, and there are always many non-golf activities for members in the afternoon.

The Details:

We meet annually, in the March to May time frame. We meet at golf resorts throughout the US. Please click HERE for examples. CME is accomplished in the AM, then at noon, we adjourn to the golf course for a round together. The spouses may play golf in the AM, or take part in the organized social events that take advantage of the site.

Much of the CME is presented by the members. It is of a general character, and of high quality. Click HERE for examples.

New members are encouraged but NOT required to present a talk. In large part, this serves to introduce you to the group

CME costs are kept low since most of the CME is presented by members. Further, the Society makes no profit from the CME, so the cost is as low as you can get.

During the meeting, we have three organized dinners and social events in the evenings. The other two evenings, members generally organize their own dinners at attractive restaurants in the host city.

Dues: Dues are $200 per year, but not billed until after you attend your first meeting.

Questions? Contact our Secretary, Jason Murphree:

Want to apply? Click HERE and fill out the online form. When you register now, you will be eligible to attend the 2020 meeting April 26- 30 at Ross Bridge resort in Birmingham. Click HERE to see more information on this.