“To establish an organization of physician-radiologists for the
purpose of improving radiologic service to the sick by means of
joint conference and discussion groups.”

Founded and Incorporated
February, 1958

George R. Krause, M.D.
Emmett O’Malley, M.D.
John D. Osmond, Jr., M.D.

Founding Officers
President: Bart R. Young, M.D.
Vice President: George R. Krause, M.D.
Secretary-Treasurer: John D. Osmond, Jr., M.D.
Scientific Chairman: George R. Krause, M.D.
Social Chairman: Stephen W. Brown, M.D.
Special Events Chairman: Ralph M. Caulk, M.D.


This history of the ERS was prepared by George Belhobek and Larry Thorley. It is important for members to understand the history and honor those that brought into existence the Society that is so important to all of us.

Thanks George and Larry

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