The name of the Corporation shall be the Eastern Radiological Society (ERS).





The purposes of the Society are:


1) To provide continuing education and encourage scholarly activities in the radiological sciences by sponsorship of scientific meetings.


2) To foster closer fellowship among radiologists and members of other Branches of medicine and allied sciences.





Section 1


Classes of Membership


Membership shall be of two classes: (1) Active members, and (2) Honorary members

Section 2


Active Members



An Active member shall be a physician practicing, or has practiced, Radiology or one of its branches. Active members shall have the right to vote and hold elective office.



Request for Active membership shall be submitted to the Secretary. Recommendation for membership require by at least one Active member of the Society. Request must reach the Secretary at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting.



Active members recommending an applicant shall be acquainted with him personally and shall supply the Secretary with a personal letter of recommendation.



The Executive Committee shall consider application for Active membership and that Committee shall make suitable recommendations to the membership at the Annual meeting. Applicants will be admitted to membership by a majority vote of those members present and voting at an Annual meeting, and in accordance with the chronology of the date of receipt of the application.


Section 3


Honorary Members



Honorary membership shall be limited to those individuals who have provided outstanding service to the Society or to Radiology. Honorary members need not have been members of the Society. Honorary members who are Past Presidents may continue to serve on the Advisory Committee.



Individuals who have provided outstanding service to the Society may be elected to honorary membership at an annual meeting by a majority of Active members present and voting after recommendation by the Executive Committee.



An Honorary member shall not be required to pay dues, nor will they have the right to vote and hold office.



Section 4


Resignation and Dismissal of Members



Any member may resign from the Society at any time.



Any member not paying dues for three consecutive years shall be dropped from membership if he does not respond to a warning notice sent by the Secretary or Treasurer.



The Executive Committee may consider such a member for reinstatement after the member has paid the delinquent dues.



Any member who has not attended an Annual meeting for five consecutive years shall be dropped from membership, unless the Executive Committee extends the membership, which that Committee has the power to do in extenuating circumstances.



Any member who shall be determined to be practicing medicine unethically by his local, state or any recognized radiological society shall forfeit his rights in the Society.






The officers shall be the President, the President Elect, the Secretary and the Treasurer. The President Elect will function as Vice President. The term of office for each shall be 2 years for the President and President Elect and 3 years for the Secretary and Treasure. President and President Elect may not be reelected.



Nomination and Election of Officers. The Nominating Committee shall propose the name of one member for each office and Committee Chairmanship. In each instance additional nominations may be made from the floor. Election shall be by ballot at a business meeting of the Society. In case no candidate receives a majority, a second ballot shall be taken on the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes.





Section 1


Duties of Officers



The President will be responsible for the organization of each year’s meeting, coordinating the activities of the Scientific Program Chairman, Social Chairman and Special Events Chairman as well as other pertinent activities. He shall preside over all meetings of the Society, and shall be responsible for its continuity. He shall have authority to appoint Ad Hoc Committees. Also, he shall appoint a Nominating Committee for each annual meeting. This committee shall consist of a Past President, who shall act as Chairman, and two Active members.



The President-Elect shall act as Vice-President and shall assume the duties of the President in his absence. He shall be elevated to the office of President at the end of the annual meeting one year from the time of his election, unless he has already assumed that office because of the inability of the current President to carry out his duties.



The Secretary shall record minutes of each official meeting of the Executive Committee (Board of Trustees) and of the Society. He shall maintain a membership book and shall notify the membership, of the date and site of the annual meeting at least five months in advance. He shall receive applications for membership in the Society and present them to the membership at the annual meeting. At each annual meeting he shall read the minutes of the preceding meeting.




The Treasurer shall collect annual dues from each member and be custodian of these and other funds of the organization. He shall dispense funds only by checks signed by himself and another Active member. At each annual meeting he shall submit a financial report.


Section 2


Enumeration and Duties of Standing Committees



The Executive Committee, which shall also be the Board of Trustees, shall be constituted as follows: The President, the President-Elect, the Secretary, The Treasurer, and the last three (3) Past-Presidents, the Chairman of the Scientific Sessions Committee, the Chairman of the Social Events Committee, and the representative of the advisory Committee designated by that committee.


Except where the law or the Articles of the Constitution and Bylaws require that action be otherwise authorized or taken, all the authority of the Society shall be exercised by the Executive Committee.


Meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the President, Vice-President, or any two members of the Committee and may be held at any place. Written notice of the time and place of each meeting of the Executive Committee shall be given to each Committee member by the Secretary either by personal delivery, e-mail, mail, telegram or cablegram at least two (2) days before the meeting; which notice need not specify the purpose of the meeting.



The Scientific Sessions Committee shall consist of a Chairman elected at the annual meeting and other members whom he may appoint.


This Committee shall be responsible for the scientific program of the annual meeting. The Sub-Chairman may include those in charge of diagnosis, therapy, nuclear radiology, ultrasound, administrative problems and other imaging specialties as determined by the Chairman.



The Convention Selection Committee shall consist of the three past presidents.


This Committee shall be responsible for researching convention sites and recommending future sites to the executive committee.



The Social Committee shall consist of a Chairman elected at the annual meeting and other members whom he may appoint.


This Committee shall be responsible for all organized activities of members, wives and guests at the annual meeting.



The Advisory Committee shall consist of all Past Presidents of the Society who are no longer members of the Board of Trustees.


This Committee shall meet at least once each year at the time of the annual meeting of the Society at which time it will elect a chairman. Other meetings may be called by the chairman during the year if he believes it is indicated.




The Committee shall:


Discuss ways to improve the operation and continuing educational activities of the Society, and have final approval of the future site selections recommended by the Executive Committee.



The Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the President to serve during the meeting over which he presides. The Committee shall consist of three members. The Chairman shall be a Past President.



The President and President-Elect shall serve as ex-officio members of all Committees.


Section 3



Remuneration. Officers and Committee Chairman shall be reimbursed for their non-personal expenses by submitting an itemized bill to the Treasurer. No member shall be further compensated directly or indirectly for Society matters, unless the Executive Committee approves such.



All decisions reached by these Committees shall be forwarded to the Executive Committee with suitable recommendations. Final decision regarding any recommendation made by any Committee shall rest with the Executive Committee, which may or may not submit the matter to the membership for action.



The Society shall meet annually at a time and place selected by the Executive Committee after it has reviewed recommendations of the Advisory Committee. The Executive Committee shall have the power to suspend an annual meeting in case of a national emergence or because of other unusual circumstances.



The President upon recommendation of the Executive Committee may call a special meeting. The Executive Committee shall select the time and place of the special meeting and the membership shall be notified at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting. At such a special meeting no other business shall be conducted or enacted except that stated in the call for the meeting.



The Secretary shall notify all members of the date and place of the annual meeting at least five (5) months in advance.



Quorum. Twenty percent of the total number of active members shall constitute a quorum in order to transact business at any annual or special meeting.



Visitors to the Eastern Radiological Society Annual Meeting. Guests at the annual meeting of the ERS shall be limited to individuals participating in the Scientific Program (and their spouses) by invitation of the Program Chairman. Members may bring potential new members to the annual meeting. They will not have the right to vote. Any other guests must have prior approval of the President.





Annual dues shall be an amount voted by the membership of the Society and may be changed at any time upon recommendation of the Executive Committee and ratification by the membership. There shall be no initiation fee.





Proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws shall first be submitted to the Executive Committee (Board of Trustees) for its recommendation. Their recommendation shall then be communicated by e-mail to the voting members of the Society at least thirty (30) days prior to the annual meeting, at which time the proposed amendment shall be voted upon. Favorable concurrence of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and voting shall be required for the adoption of the amendment.

Last Changed at Annual Meeting 2017