2020 ERS Golf registration

2020 ERS Golf Registration – Ross Bridge


Please Note: This year, as a departure from years past, the resort gives us much less lattitude in adding tee times or deleting tee times. Therefore, please consider your tee time reservations below carefully. This is not to say we do not have some latitude. Injuries, etc do occur. Simply, be as accurate as you can be when reserving your times.

Also – this year presents a somewhat unique opportunity. Ross Bridge has a “professional” level par three course. We think that many members would like to play this. We didn’t think we wanted to put it in the rotation through the week, though. What was decided was that we would present the opportunity, and leave it as a very informal round on Sunday. It would be a good opportunity for “spouse golf” as well. We have reserved some extra room nights on Saturday, but have not reserved tee times. 

In order to facilitate this – just indicate that you will be available for a round on Sunday. We will then you know who else will be there, and you can contact them yourself to set up a game, and get a tee time.  We will periodically send out a list of those who will be there for a Sunday round.

Note – The Sunday round does not need to be on the Par 3 course- if you want to arrange a round with friends on one of the other courses – certainly, feel free.